Saturday, December 5, 2020

Tune cloud app performance and cost efficiency

The elastic capabilities of public cloud computing are both good and bad. We can provision all the resources and cloud architects to solve performance issues. But tossing money at the situation willy-nilly doesn’t fix the root causes of the problems, which are typically traceable to bad design or bad coding.

However some basic tricks of the cloud application development and design trade should allow you to at least reduce the number of performance issues (and by extension, trim monthly cloud bills as well). Here are three of the top ways to improve performance and cost efficiency and not break the bank:

Leverage serverless computing. Although many report larger cloud bills when running serverless, that has not been my experience. Indeed, if you’re unwilling or not budgeted to go into the application code and database schema to fine-tune performance issues, this approach leaves the resource provisioning to the cloud providers (using automation). They know how to optimize their resources better than you do.

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