Tuesday, December 22, 2020

2 mistakes that will kill your multicloud project

Multicloud should be easy, right? I mean, it’s just deploying and managing more than a single public cloud. This has unfortunately not been the case. As more enterprises deploy multicloud architectures, some avoidable mistakes are happening over and over again. With a bit of understanding, perhaps you can avoid them. Let’s review the top two:

Not designing and building your multicloud with cloudops in mind. Many enterprises are deploying two, three, or sometimes more public clouds without a clear understanding of how this multicloud architecture will be managed long term.

When a multicloud deployment moves to production, there’s a great number of cloud services caused by leveraging multiple public clouds with redundant services (such as storage and compute). It all becomes too much for the cloudops team to deal with. They can’t operate all of these heterogenous cloud services as well as they should, and the quality of service suffers. It also places way too much risk on the deployment in terms of security and governance operations.

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