Monday, June 1, 2020

13 ways Microsoft Azure beats AWS

Amazon Web Services may dominate with a vast collection of products and options, but it’s far from the only game in the cloud. Microsoft, a company once known for its domination of personal computing, has slowly and steadily built its Azure cloud into a formidable competitor.

The number of database, storage, compute, analytics, and devops services sitting under the Azure brand umbrella continues to grow and it has become hard to find something that Azure can’t do. In many cases, Azure is running right alongside the other cloud providers and in a few of the corners it’s inching into the lead. 

At the core of the business, Azure offers much of the same commodity products as everyone else. If you need a machine running a current version of Linux (yes, Linux!) or Windows, you can spin one up in a few clicks. If you have some data to store, Microsoft will squirrel away the bits just like everyone else.

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