Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Why you’re doing cloudops wrong

Cloud operations, aka cloudops, is the long tail in the cloud computing migration and development story. It takes place after you deploy cloud-based solutions and then operate them over a long period of time. Cloudops determines the success of a migration or development effort and the success of user and customer experiences.

Some things going wrong in cloudops right now need some attention. First is too many types of operational tools, such as management and monitoring. These tools drive more operational complexity, which can result in human errors that, in turn, cause operational issues. Another problem is enterprises that underestimate the resources required to drive cloudops. Because we’re moving to largely heterogeneous, multicloud deployments, we’ve tripled the number of resources under management in the past four years, yet the size of most ops staffs has remained the same. Third is a lack of cross-cloud security solutions. Generally speaking, you can’t scale native security services on each public cloud; risk and vulnerabilities begin to emerge. Security needs to be more than an afterthought.

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