Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Technology disenfranchisement is now a thing

We’ve heard of technical debt: the act of leveraging solutions to speed up deployment with an understanding that the solution is not optimal but will have to be fixed later. However, there may be a new category of technical costs that we’ve yet to understand but will very soon.

I’m speaking of technical disenfranchisement. Simply put, this is the concept of traditional technology (legacy technology) not having the power to hold onto R&D dollars as everything moves towards more modern platforms (public cloud computing).

Back in 2018 this was such an obvious trend that it generated a blog post around the forced march to cloud computing. It introduced the idea that according to the R&D spending data, the public cloud had become the favored platform. Most of the funding had begun to funnel into cloud-native and third-party technologies that support public clouds. This included security, monitoring and management, governance, and application development—really the core things that keep systems running and outages rare.

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