Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The state of services in the cloud for 2020

Services are really old school if you think about it. We’ve progressed from early efforts around API-enabling applications, to object-oriented programming, to CORBA-based services, to SOA, to containers, to serverless functions, to today’s use of microservices. 

What’s common about the journey is the underlying belief that we can write something once and use it many times in many different applications or utilities, not to mention the ability to combine services so they become a new service unto itself. This is done through service decomposition.

The word “service” is overused today; in the cloud computing world it describes anything that is exposed by a public cloud provider, such as storage, compute, database, etc. Services, at least the way I understand them, are the capability of exposing both behavior and data bound to that behavior in ways that allow developers to be more productive.

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